Jakarta at glance

Jakarta at a glance

Living Arrangement
1. Apartment (€200 - €600)
2. Hostel (€184 - €400)
3. Indonesia kos-kosan (€122 - €220)

1. Regular taxi (inner city trip €6 - €15
2. online taxi (inner city trip €2 - €8)
3. ojek/ online motorcyle taxi ( €0.6 - €2.5)
4. city train (€0.15 - €0.5)

Eventhough there is enough to do in Jakarta, exploring attraction close and far from this city are also benefitial to making your personal experience more complete.

From north Jakarta you can gp tp thousand islands, there are many islands you can explore. This trip will takes 1 hour - 3.5 hours. in those islands you can stay for night and having watersport activity such as flying fish, banana boat, canoeing, snorkling or even diving (if you have a diving license)

If you prefer mountain rather then beach, you can go to puncak, it takes 1 - 2 hours from Jakarta by driving a car. There you can have a hang gliding activity, see a waterfalls and find my culinary. The weather is cold and the air is fresh.

Far more, you can travel by train to visit Semarang or Jogjakarta just for €13 for a train ticket. and flight to Bali for an exotic experience.

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