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Extra Information
If you have thought about an internship abroad and read the information on our website but feel that you still would like to receive more feedback on how the iExperience Program works than feel free to contact us with your questions so that we can try to provide you with the relevant extra information

Application review
When you have your resume and letter of motivation ready to apply and you know exactly when you want to start for your internship and for how long, than you can sent in your application so that we will be able to review it. After we reviewed your application you will be informed if we are able to provide you with suitable internship opportunities or not.

Intake inteview
When you have decided that you want to join the iExperience Program we will sent you the intake interview invoice. Once the intake invoice has been paid we will directly contact you to plan and hold your intake interview. During the intake interview you can ask us questions with regards to the internship opportunities and locations and we will try to get a more personal picture on your own internship preferences and expectations.

Search & Selection
After the intake interview we will start to search and select suitable internship opportunities for you. During this process we will keep you up to date with the responds from the companies in our JuniorExpat network. Once a suitable company has shown interest in your application you will be informed so that you can choose if you would like to proceed to be introduced to the selected internship company or not.

Introduction invterview
When you have decided that you want to be introduced to a selected internship company we will sent you the introduction interview invoice. Once the introduction invoice has been paid we will directly setup the introduction interview between you and the internship company. Introductions can be different per company, but normally every introduction will start by us introducing you to a company representative through e-mail. This e-mail introduction will be followed up by your personal introduction to the company and their responds on your personal introduction. Beside this initial introduction process many companies will also hold one or two telephone or Skype interviews perior to deciding if there is a match or not. In-case an introduction did not result in a match we will continue to provide you with other introductions to suitable internship companies for your application until a match has been found.

Internship contract
At the moment that an introduction leads to a match between you and the internship company we will proceed by reconfirming the internship assignment, job description, remuneration (if provided) and other details of internship contract. Once all the details have been clarified and confirmed with you and the internship company we will sent out the internship contract and coordinate the formal signing process.

Internship visa
When your internship has been confirmed we will sent you the final invoice and prepare and coordinate your visa application documents. You will need to provide us with a scan of your passport after which we will provide you with the supporting invitation documents and an explanation on how to handle your visa application at the internship country’s embassy abroad in your country of residence.

Accomodation abroad
Depending on your preferences and the internship location we will pre-arrange permanent accommodation in-line with your informed accommodation budget or receive you in an intern hostel first upon arrival afterwhich you are able to select different accommodation options under the guidance of our local representative. This last option is also usefull in-case you would like to share your accommodation with other interns during your internship.

Arrival abroad
We will request your flight arrival details so that our local representative will be able to welcome you and pick you up upon arrival in your internship destination. You will be brought directly to your accommodation and provided with details on your introduction time and or details.

Personal introduction
Our local representative will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you for your first day introduction to your internship company where you will be introduced to your future colleagues and internship supervisor.


Once you are doing your internship you will be able to keep in touch with our team through our local representatives in-case you encounter problems with your internship, visa, accommodation or other arrangements.

Internship program fee
The internship program fee is divided in three payments: intake invoice (€100), introduction invoice (€200), and final invoice (€200)

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