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Indonesia is one of the most diverse population in the world which consist of many local tribes and different languages. The internship gives you an experience and opportunity to see the world through new eyes. The experience to get in touch with completely new culture, tradition and way of life that will enrich your international exposure.

In the challenging era where million jobseekers and university graduates apply into labor market, an extended experience are needed beside a good school grade and sufficient skill. An internship in a country with a most diverse population like Indonesia teached you how to managed diversity and overcome the cross culture resistant.

Living in Indonesia doesn't cost you too much. The cost of living in Indonesia quite low with average range between €250 - €550 (include room rent), this will vary based on your living location and your lifestyle.

We will assist you related with all document requirement that you need to provide. You will get guarantee on job placement and accommodation on your arraival in Indonesia. Should you have not decided on your living location yet, you may stay at our hostel and search for your permanent living location during your internship day after.

During your placement, you will have our full support on your placement, accommodation and any other things related to your internship.

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