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Juniorekspat is an agency that provide you an internship in Indonesia with main preference in Jakarta. Jakarta was choose since it is the capital city of Indonesia which provide many opportunities, and it is one of the most diverse cities in Indonesia. We focus in Indonesia due to the capability that we have, the network and all the valuable information that we are familiar. We don’t waste our effort on something that we are incapable.   

With all the networks we have in Indonesia, we have established cooperation with various types of business from service industries, modern retail to a leading educational institution.

We provide you an internship with a wide range of choice, from education, Information technology, retail, transportation, hotels and many other things. Should you have something that is not common please do let us know, we might discuss for any possibility. We will match your interest, your background education and the availability that will suit you.

Though we have preference in Jakarta, we provide other opportunities from any other cities in Indonesia, such as Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Palembang and Medan.

We are fully confident to meet your expectations and giving you the best experience during your placement in Indonesia.

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